While our main objective is to educate and discuss dental related subjects, this topic not only applies to the dental industry, but anyone who uses the internet. It is just too important for me not to share this information.

I recently read an article informing people about a new law the government is trying to pass SOPA (HR. 3261) that will allow the government and big corporations the ability to TAKE YOUR WEBSITE DOWN.

The following is just a small portion of the article. Click on the link below for the full article.
”PROTECT IP (S. 968)/SOPA (HR. 3261) creates the first system for Internet censorship – this bill has sweeping provisions that give the government and corporations leeway and legal cover for taking down sites “by accident,” mistakenly, or for NOT doing “enough” to protect the interests of Hollywood. These bills that are moving very quickly through Congress and can pass before Christmas aim to give the US government and corporations the ability to block sites over infringing links posted by their users and give ISPs the release to take any means to block peoples’ sites, including slowing down your connection. That’s right, some say this bill is a workaround to net neutrality and is bigger than net neutrality.”


This amounts to Censorship, and like the Health Care Bill is another way the government is taking away our liberties and rights so they have complete control over our lives. How does that make you feel? How will this effect your website? If you share a song, commercial or logo will your website be the first to be censored and taken off the internet?

Isn’t it time for us all to stand together and make our voices heard over such an atrocity? It is for me. As a small business owner, the internet is a big part of my business. It is how I communicate ideas and products that benefit the dental industry. If I innocently include a song that is playing in the background of a link I am sending that is enough for the government to shut down my site, and the thousands of dollars and hours of time spent to build the website will be wasted and gone, for nothing more than censorship. Like so many other government lies, they would have you believe it is for copyright infringement which is a cover-up for censorship. AND you will have no recourse.

“Every site who has user-generated content, posts links or videos to anything copyrighted in it could face new legal threats.
If a copyrights holder disliked links you have on your site, they could simply file a complaint with a payment processor (Visa, PayPal), who would then have 5 days to respond to their request or risk legal ramifications. If bills like this are allowed to pass, we’ll be spending another $47 million dollars every year to help corporations fill out and enforce Internet blacklists. And because copyright is so broad, that means videos with copyrighted music in the background, kids in a school play, people singing karaoke could all be a risk.”
These bills are a major threat to openness and freedom on the Internet, free speech rights, and the fabric of the Internet itself. If SOPA is allowed to pass, the Internet and free speech will never be the same again.
Are we about to live in Communist USA? Are you going to get involved, or just let it happen and then wonder what went wrong?

Do you know what the Health Reform Bill means for Dental Care?

I didn’t, and I suspect many people do not understand the implications and changes due to the Health Reform bill.  Sadly, but typically the mainstream media has not kept the public informed about the changes that will effect the dental field, or the medical field either.
Having run across a very informative blog from Cory Kemp of  www.dentalheroes.com I would like to pass along the information.  I think it is important to reach as many people in the dental industry as possible so that you have the correct information to make necessary decisions:
The Health Reform Bill was signed into law by Obama on March 23, 2010, and is sure to change the face of healthcare in America – for better or worse. Whether you agree with the contentious bill or not one thing is for sure- it will change the way dental care is payed for  and administered.
16 Ways Dental Care is affected by the Health Reform Bill
Below, you will find a list of the ways this bill will affect  the dental professional
and ultimately all of us, the patient. The Health Reform Bill will:
Require insurance plans to include pediatric oral health services for children
up to 21 years of age.
Establish an oral health prevention program and fund states to develop oral
health leadership.
Enhance oral health data systems.
Implement dental sealants, water fluoridation and preventive programs.
Establish a five-year national, public education campaign focused on oral
health care prevention and education and targeted to certain populations,
including children, the elderly, and pregnant women.
Require essential health benefits package to include oral care among other
Award demonstration grants in consultation with professional oral health organizations to eligible entities to demonstrate the effectiveness of research-based dental caries disease management activities.
Authorize the Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission (MACPAC) to
review payments for dental services in Medicaid and CHIP.
Establish a process for updating payments to dental health professionals.
Reaffirm that dentists will be members of the Commission.
Establish a separate dental section and funding line of $30 million for
training in general, pediatric, and public health dentistry.
Increase eligibility for new grant programs in the Title VII Health Professions
Programs to train dental and allied dental health professionals.
Make dental schools eligible for federal grants for pre-doctoral training,
faculty development, dental faculty loan repayment, and academic administrative
units, grants currently available only to medical schools.
Modify current law to allow hospitals to count dental and medical resident time
spent in didactic (scholarly) activities toward Indirect Medical Education
(IME) costs in hospital settings and toward Direct Graduate Medical Education
(D-GME) in non-hospital settings (dental school clinics).
Authorize grants to establish training programs for alternative dental health
care providers to increase access to dental health care services in rural,
tribal, and underserved communities.
Exempt dental coverage from the premium amounts subject to excise tax on high
cost insurance plans.
The Dental Industry and the patients it cares for will see big changes in the years to come. None of it positive as far as we can tell.  How do you feel about this new Bill, and how will it effect you?  Share your thoughts with us and others viewing this blog.  No need to hold back, just tell it like you see it.
Additional Resources
As you can see, the list above has only scratched  the surface. Additional rescources are listed below for more in-depth information about how the Health Reform Bill relates to dental.
ADHA: Key Oral Health Provisions  Contained in the Final Health Reform Bill
ADA: Health Care Reform: Improving Oral Health in America
ADA: Health Care Reform Legislation: Side-by-Side  Comparison
ADEA Applauds Passage of Health Care Reform Legislation

Dental Conventions

This Blog is about Dental Conventions.  The CDA (California Dental Association) meeting is currently going on in Southern California.  With the wide use of the internet, and sites like our online Dental Products store where you can purchase everything from Curing Lights  to  refurbished Dentsply Cavitron scalers it makes me wonder about the value of attending Dental Conventions anymore.  Do you find it is worth the time and expense to attend Dental Conventions these days?  What do you get from these conventions that you can’t get elsewhere?  Do you find too many non-dental products being exhibited?  How do you feel about that?  I remember one year I attended the Chicago Mid-Winter connvention and one of the exhibitors was selling flags.  I wondered what in the world that had to do with Dental, and why they were there.  Was the exhibit hall just  trying to fill booth space?   Your opintion matters.  What do you think?

Sharing opinions and specials on Dental Products

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